April 30, 2020

Sorry for the ten-day delay. Like I said, this log was going to be hard to keep up.

Unity3D is offering free learning resources during our forced cocoon. Go check it out. https://unity.com/learn

Artist You Should Know
Jules Julien https://www.julesjulien.com/projects

Daily Art Project
Sketch out a statue or sculptural interpretation commemorating your most embarrassing moment. 

Enjoy this tumblr of 80s airbrush designs – lots of beautiful antique computer ads and technology graphics to send you into the future/past

As I perused the blog above, I noticed it contained the album art for a much more recent Australian band – Powerglove – which I discovered last year.
Synchronicity in action. It’s the 80s, but so much better.

Samurai Wisdom
Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and judging others.
~Paulo Coelho

Alvarez de Castro 1988 source: https://chromeandlightning.tumblr.com