Q: What’s up with all the nebulas and space stuff?
A: I’m attracted to abstraction in nature. I love science fiction and astronomy. I’m also fascinated by procedural processes. In 2019 I was helping my son recover from a brain tumor. In a hospital setting with lots of spare time but full of anxiety and uncertainty, I was unable to feel enthusiastic about my usual art-making. Tolkien was known to say that he wrote LOTR because he couldn’t find the book he wanted to read. I decided to start making what I wanted to see as a form of self-care: space scenes like nebulae and planets. It makes me happy. When using fractals in a simulated computer environment to create imagery, I strangely feel close to nature.

Q: Why is your subject matter and style so inconsistent?
A: 1. I work with a lot of clients. 2. Everything is interesting and I am fickle. 3. I contain multitudes.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Not really. I might sell the work I make one day as posters.

Q: Do you sell NFTs?
A: I’m still trying to decide if that is something I want get mixed up in. I avoid toxic people and situations and the NFT hustle looks to be just as much a rat-race as the traditional art market but with even more dire consequences for our planet and our collective mental health. But, my mind is open.

Q: Can I hire you for my creative project?
A: Maybe. Send me a message about your project and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can help with. I’m available for technical and creative consulting and art directing several months each year. Music videos are my jam.

Q: I noticed your work is available for download on Vimeo and on your website. Can I use it in my project?
A: Certainly. It would be ideal if you could give me credit and send me a link to the finished project. If you want to send a small gratuity of appreciation, I won’t discourage you.

Q: Do you have gallery or agency representation?
A: No, but I would like to pursue those options in the near future.

Q: Where is all this going?
A: …