Art 219 Animated Abstraction

In this project you take what we’ve learned (and a little more) in Photoshop and Illustrator to make an animated short video. We will use Apple’s Motion, which is a motion graphics application used for making basic special effects and animated typography – it’s similar, but less robust and expensive as After Effects. The video should be about 30 seconds or longer, and should have a custom soundscape created in Garageband or Final Cut Pro. You should only use basic shapes and effects. Think of it as the Abstract Tryptic Project with sound and motion. In fact, you can take those designs and simply animate them. The trick is to stay simple and try a lot of different approaches. Don’t get hung up on creating anything great – simply make something that’s fun for you to watch and will lead to more experimentation later.

This is a super quick and someone messy tutorial from class:

Another great resource is Lynda’s tuts on Motion

Here’s great inspiration, Wonderful World by Lost Lander – Video by Stefan Nadelman:

Due Friday July 12.