Art 219 Assignment 3: Random Word

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Take a bunch of images from the internet and combine or juxtapose them into ten different composited images. How will you decide what images to pick? Use an online random word generator such as this one: . Tell the random word generator to give you ten words. Perform a Google image search for each of those words. Then download several (between five and ten) of the images you are given for that word. In Photoshop, create a separate montage of those images from each search (each composite should start with a blank canvas of 1000 x 1000 pixels at 72ppi). Arrange the montage in an interesting or unexpected way. Export each composite by saving it as a PNG file. In your write-up in the box below, describe your process, why you arranged the images in the manner you chose, what you learned and what presented technical or creative difficulties. Put each PNG file and your write-up into a folder labeled “yourLastName_219_A3”. Compress that folder and attach it in an email to In the subject of that email, write Art 219 Assignment 3. During the critique we will try to guess the word for which you searched for each composite. Who would find the image interesting, attractive, repulsive, funny or shocking and why?

Photoshop CS6 Essentials:

20 points
Deliverables: 10 png files zipped into a single zipped up folder, write-up.

Due 1-24-13