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Assignment 6: Fake Product Box , 30 points
Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blender create a pseudo three-dimensional box for a fake product. You will be using Photoshop to manipulate the image of the product you’d like to use and Illustrator to combine the imagery, the typography and/or logos of your product and to generate a 3D box in Blender. The box will be printed out as a 2D image of a 3D box (so don’t actually make a box – but if you’re bored, go ahead).

This should be a simple product, but you’re required to make the product box as believable as possible. Consider what one can put in a box – tools, food, gadgets, etc. Since your product is fake, it doesn’t need to be something that could actually fit or be placed into a box (a house, farm animals, ambivalence).
Project specifics:

  1. Design a logo for your product.
  2. Use Photoshop and/or Illustrator to design the layout of your product box.
  3. Design at least three sides of your product box.
  4. Use Blender to map your designs to a virtual 3D box, then light it and render it.
  5. Print out the final rendering of your 3D box on one sheet of 13 x 19 photo paper.

Remember, the product can be completely believable (a Thundering Herd-themed beer mug), or completely absurd (a Thundering Herd-themed catheter). It does not have to be Thundering Herd-themed. The attention to its design and professionalism, however, should look 100% authentic such that an uninformed person will be led to believe the product is real and it would fit in perfectly with products on a shelf at any store.

As you approach this project, consider the properties of design authority. What is it about a design that makes something look trusting and honest vs. suspicious or amateur? There is a specific visual vocabulary that designers use to create the illusion of trust and authority (think of pharmaceutical marketers).

1 x 13” x 19” inkjet print of your 3D box
1 x 300 ppi PNG emailed to
project write-up (as attachment or in body of email)

Due Thursday March 28 at the start of class.

by Ashley Taylor
by Ashley Taylor

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Designing the Fake Product Box

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