Art 219 Assignment Two: Tumblr blog

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In this assignment you are going to get into the habit of having a web presence in which you exhibit your work, ideas, and share inspiration. So, you’re going to start a tumblr blog. This should only take a few minutes. If you already have a tumblr blog, you may use it. Begin to post to your blog daily. The content should be things that relate to this class, your creative work, and other art-related stories. To fulfill this assignment, simply email me ( the link to your blog. In the subject line please write “yourlastername_art219_a2”. I will be checking your blog to see that it is updated regularly several times throughout the semester and you will receive another 10 points in credit each time I see it is updated with many thoughtful and intelligent posts. So, cat gifs are allowed – but they’d better thoughtful and intelligent cat gifs.

10 points.

Due June 14 has a long session all about tumblr: