Art 454: Final Assignment – Group Installation

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Using some of the techniques and methods learned throughout the semester we will create a group installation of responsive media. We will install about 8 to 10 computers in the atrium of Drinko Library and configure them such that people will walk through the configuration as they enter the library on their way to cram for finals. The computers should respond to at least one stimuli: motion or sound. The reaction can be varied and unique, but should not be independent compositionally from your classmates’ work. As the machines will occupy a space they should attempt to augment and change it constantly, but respond to the change of a bystander in an subtle or pronounced manner. As this is where people work and study, the occupation should not interfere or distract from this purpose, but it can change the experience in fundamental ways. So, let’s focus on ambient sounds that change based on sound and motion. The imagery too can be abstract, but could also incorporate photos, video, or live video. It is important that you direct your creative decisions from the notion that you are contributing to a larger composition, and not merely making an individual work.

Template sketch (zip file) – you can use this to get started, or you can work from scratch.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
Ann Hamilton
Olafur Eliasson
Douglas Gordon
Mariko Mori
Motohiko Odani
Simon Starling
Meik Ohanian