I have made many videos for this college, but with this one, I wanted a decidedly different approach. It’s supposed to be a recruitment tool, a short message to tell students that this place is great, but I know that is not a useful or effective tool for recruitment. Instead, this video is a sort of manifesto as to why one should make art in the first place. It is a call to action more than a promotion. I feel a lot of students get into studying art because they fear really challenging themselves in any other field. It will be a safe way to get a degree and make their parents happy. Little do they know that to be successful in a creative career one must be as driven and determined as any student pursuing a medical degree. In other words, they must really want it. This is my own personal philosophy when I approach my own work – in order to do something with any sense of purpose or excellence, one must really want to do it.

1 minute 54 seconds
Software: Motion, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop